It is with great pleasure that I announce today the official inauguration of our company, DYNATECH Corporation, in Egypt, as we aspire to become a new impetus that contributes to the advancement of the automotive manufacturing industry in Egypt through the transfer and localization of the latest technology in fiber-based multi-material lightweight construction. 
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) construction has recently dominated many industrial sectors such as aviation, automotive industries, renewable energies (hydrocarbons, wind, solar energy) and some medical industries. In the automotive sector, especially electric and hybrid vehicles, it was the substitution of metallic components with CFRP that created the optimal economic solution for saving energy and fuel consumption, thus reducing emissions. 
Our company, DYNATECH, would like to introduce the technology of Light Weight Materials (LWM) in Egypt by creating successful business models through our partnerships with Composites United e.V.. This strategy will re-define the LWM technology in Egypt as one of the most effective solutions helping to tackle and overtake the current tough challenges of global climate change.

During the past decade, the automotive manufacturing industry has witnessed major developments and transformations, represented in the transition from internal combustion engines to powertrain electrification, and shifted from individual use to car-sharing services, until the currently available technology of autonomous cars. 
DYNATECH aims to seize some of these opportunities and turn them into successful industrial projects locally in Egypt with partners who share our vision.

To achieve this vision, DYNATECH has a strategy of continuous technical support, thanks to our partners, Composite United e.V. in Germany, one of the world’s largest fiber-based multi-material lightweight construction networks, 
The members of the Composite United e.V group incorporate the largest international companies, research, education, and training centers, all leaders in fiber-based multi-material lightweight construction.

Egypt had great success in the past few years in implementing economic reform plans and bold monetary policies through which high levels of economic growth have been achieved in political and security stability; which in turn created a secure investment environment with ROI returns, recently ranked as one of the highest ROIs among the emerging markets. 

This is the reason that prompted us to launch DYNATECH today. We are extremely proud that this stable economic environment was also an incentive for the German Composites United e.V. to sign an LOI with DYNATECH and they selected Egypt to be the first destination to launch their business in Africa and the Middle East under the name of CU-Egypt Office. 

The LOI signed between DYNATECH and Composite United e.V is for research, development, and establishment of projects in light-weight component construction and CFRP, as well as training Egyptian cadres of engineering students and graduates. 

Today, after the end of the pandemic followed directly by the war that led to an unprecedented economic crisis, such a partnership has become very necessary to fulfil the urgent needs of many countries in the MENA region, including Egypt, to increase their local manufacturing footprint in order to reduce their dependency on imports and avoid the high-risk consequences of supply chain disruption and stagflation. We believe this approach is consistent with the new trend of GoLocalization by transferring innovations and localising the advanced technologies into manufacturing-oriented solutions in Egypt.

Ahmed Sorour

Chief Executive Officer
DYNATECH Corporation – Egypt