As an emerging new player in automotive industry in Egypt, DYNATECH aims to accomplish high priority manufacturing projects by leveraging the recent economic reforms and Egypt government’s subsidies relevant to such kind of viable projects, These includes financial funds for SMEs, low cost facilities , low labor wages, incentives offered by the new investment law and efficient logistic services, these subsidies can be availed in industrial zones and economic areas like Suez Canal, East Port Said and others In addition to the above, the current competitiveness of the Egyptian pound in comparison to other major currencies is a positive step offering a great advantage for Egyptian exports. Ultimately this stands to help the country in the long-run and is likely a welcome sign for foreign investors.

Egypt government’s is caring in raising awareness about preserving the environment’s natural resources, Solid waste management system, Reducing air pollution, and encouraging civil society and private sector participation in preserving and protecting biodiversity. This why Egypt has officially been selected to host the UN Climate Change Conference in November 2022 (UNFCCC COP 27)